Neanderthals: Sadly, there were too many of us. We crowded them out.

In the latest episode of Human Evolution: The Trooth, "Humans crowded out Europe's Neanderthals" (ABC News, July 29, 2011), we learn,

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found more sites where modern humans settled, larger settlement areas, greater densities of tools and bigger amounts of animal and food remains, suggesting Neanderthals were crowded out.

Homo sapiens also likely had more elaborate social networks and possibly sharper brains, as evidenced by the stone tools, jewellery and artwork they left behind which was much more advanced than Neanderthal creations.

Neanderthals did artwork and jewellery?

About the tools: It’s not true that the 'thals' tools were clumsy, but you needed bigger hands.

Human evolution theories help people vent their inner anxieties. Period. That's their big contribution to science. Or social work. Or therapy.

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Denyse O'Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.

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