5 thoughts on “Manifesto shows Norway terrorist was Darwin fan, just like the Columbine and Finnish shooters:

  1. Ms O’Leary never misses a trick to blame all of the worlds evils on Darwin or “Darwinism” (even though modern biological evolution has very little resemblance to the 19th century version, but as a science writer this has escaped her). But the reality of the Norweigan massacre is a lot more complicated than she makes out. . Yes, the manifesto does mention Darwin – but it is also has many more references to Christian and Biblical themes.
    For a good analysis refer here: http://pandasthumb.org/archives/2011/07/the-norway-murd.html#more
    And of course the real cause of this awful event may be that the person who did them was simply twisted and sick, and would have taken any influence or source and twisted it to their already polluted worldview. In which case why should we even give credence to this manifesto as if this person has anything relevant to say?
    As usual, let’s not mistake Ms O’Leary’s polemic and hyperbolic quote-mining for journalism, even though she may claim this title.
    Besides, if we are going to blame Darwin for such atrocities should be now start blaming Hiroshima on “Rutherfordism”? The theory of evolution is either true or it isn’t – Ms O’leary’s ramblings are nothing but theatrical demagoguery, and as a professional science writer she should be embarrassed to churn out this kind of stuff on such a regular basis. Perhaps her followers buy it, but thoughtful people (and some like myself who are actually interested in ID) find it a hindrance and not at all helpful in trying to understand important issues (and I wish to there was a better variety of voices over at Uncommon Descent which has effectively become Ms O’Leary’s personal blog, which I don’t think reflects well on the ID movement).

  2. what sort of gear did you use, were you self-sufficient? Do you have a blog or journal cniorveg the trip and what gear you used in more detail? I am thinking of doing a tour through Scandinavia next year and am trying to work out what gear I’ll need.

  3. Dear Carl,Wanted to take a moment to thank you for your psnreetation at Ann Arbor Vineyard. Lots of good stuff to chew on. It is a wonderful thing to see leading experts taking a humble, thoughtful road in educating people about a better path. The irony of a secularist doing it for a church service is not lost on me.I know you wanted to inspire a congregation to embrace the moral obligation of environmental stewardship, but I also wanted to give you a shout for encouraging my stressed-out seventeen old who is panicking about his future. Your brief telling of your teenage/college years and fear of growing up hit close to home. It was so good for him to hear that an office can be the sea shore and office mates, terns. We should all be so lucky. Keep having fun and spreading the good word. Peace.

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