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Salvo15Salvo issue 15 is sold out. Be sure to get your copies of the latest issues before they’re gone too. Subscribe to be sure you don’t miss any more in the future. Since issue 15 is gone, I’m going to be making some more of the articles available online. Here’s a great feature story by Terrell Clemmons about the Jonas family, and their company Goat Milk Stuff. It’s good stuff too, I’ve ordered some myself.

The Jonas Profit

How Two Goats & One Big Family Found Their Calling
by Terrell Clemmons

PJ (Patricia) Jonas was bathing her children one day when her eyes fell on the list of ingredients in the commercial baby wash she was using. “Surely all those petroleum-based chemicals can’t be good for young skin,” she thought, and she decided on the spot, “I can do better than this.”

The family owned two goats, which provided their milk and cheese, and within a few weeks, PJ was making soap for her family using goat milk.

It was quite satisfactory. Not only did she eliminate the unwanted chemicals, but her homemade soap turned out to be especially beneficial for her husband Jim, whose hands chronically cracked and bled from exposure during his workday.

Yet more would come from that homemaking innovation. In a few years, it would grow into a soap-making business producing nearly fifty thousand bars per year and employing and supporting her entire family. I visited the Jonases recently to learn more about this rather countercultural family and tour their “factory.”

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