Pet Peeved


What I want to know is if PetSmart is going to be pressured into changing its name. CompanionAnimalSmart just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Do you own a pet? Well if you say you do, you are a purveyor of prejudice. At least that’s what some so-called “leading academics” are saying.

You see, according to the Rev’d Professor Andrew Linzey, director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, we shouldn’t even use the word “pet,” because the phrase is demeaning to animals.

Instead, we should call a Labrador Retriever a “Companion animal.”

And please, don’t use the word “owner.” That’s demeaning to pets — I mean, to companion animals — as well. Instead, call yourself a “human carer.”

Ay-yi-yi. What’s another phrase for a “leading academic”?

by Chuck Colson over at the Breakpoint website: Companion Animals, Don't "Own" a "Pet"

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