Having Doubts About Skeptics

Salvo senior editor Casey Luskin has to point out something that should be obvious about those who so proudly claim to be skeptical.

Skeptic Magazine shows no skepticism towards the Miller-Urey experiment, instead claiming the experiment simulated the early earth's atmosphere.

Recently I went to a local bookstore and found myself perusing the latest issue of Skeptic Magazine, "A Perspective on the Nature and Origin of Life." The cover story was on the origin of life, and written by chemical engineer Paul F. Deisler Jr. (Vol. 16, No. 2). While the article admits that "[c]urrent scientific detection technology and exploration have not yet found traces within the transition period to show how non-life became life," it nonetheless puffs the weak evidence for the origin of life. In particular, it promotes the Miller-Urey experiment without any mention of the fact that there are severe questions about whether the gasses it used were present on the early Earth.

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Makes you wonder what one can and can't be skeptical of in order to be a true skeptic.

One thought on “Having Doubts About Skeptics

  1. Luskin is either ignorant of, or fails to mention, that the Miller-Urey experiment has been repeatedly, and successfully, replicated, with a wide variety of atmospheric assumptions, reflecting advances in scientific knowledge of primeval conditions.

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