Pro-Life Billboard Comes Down

See below for the story from The New York Times.

Anti-Abortion Billboard is Removed

The outdoor advertising company that put up a controversial billboard sponsored by a group opposing abortion decided to remove it on Thursday because employees in the Mexican restaurant below the sign were harassed by people angered by the billboard’s message, the company said.

“It’s down, or at least it should be coming down soon,” Peter Costanza, the general manager of Lamar Advertising New York, said in a telephone interview on Thursday. “Why did I take it down? Yesterday, somebody came into the restaurant harassing the waiters and waitresses. I don’t want any violence to happen around the buildings there.”

On Friday, Mr. Costanza said the billboard had been removed Thursday night.

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The billboard reads "The Most Dangerous Place for An African American Is In the Womb." You can see a picture of it here.

9 thoughts on “Pro-Life Billboard Comes Down

  1. Honestly, it’s a real stretch to say this is a denial of free speech. After all, the billboard company agreed in the first place to run the ad. It seems the real issue was about the location and the potential negative influence it had on the local neighborhood. The billboard company was actually being responsible and prudent to remove it, particularly if there was a threat of violence. It has absolutely nothing to do with free speech. That’s just hyperbole.
    Besides, isn’t the billboard company entitled to decide which ads it should or shouldn’t run? And some billboard companies have refused to run atheist ads – it is their right. In the same way that Chick-a-Fil is entitled to make its opinions known about gays and even contribute to gay causes? I didn’t see many Christians objecting to that. Or should the government compel billboard companies to run ads they don’t want to?

  2. Yes, hyperbole, fine. I was just countering the understated headline that the article had.
    I’m sure the same thing would happen if some pro-life person threw a fuss in a Chinese restaurant below some pro-choice billboard.

  3. “I’m sure the same thing would happen if some pro-life person threw a fuss in a Chinese restaurant below some pro-choice billboard”
    Remember that Fort Worth ran atheist ads on their buses recently and the outcry from religious groups? The bus company have now decided to ban all religously-oriented ads. So yes, it can and does work both ways.
    The point is that private companies have this right, even if we don’t like the outcome. I personally don’t agree with the views of Chick-a-Fil (I’m gay myself), but I fully support their right as a privately owned company to express their own views and contribute their money where they want to. Naturally I’m probably not going to want to go out of my way to eat there, but that’s my personal choice.
    Now, if they start discriminating against customers or in their hiring practices, that would be a different matter, and one that the law provides for.

  4. Well the scenario I suggested would never happen, and that is just the the reality. But I hear your point. I also support the rights of privately owned companies to do what they see fit.

  5. “Well the scenario I suggested would never happen, and that is just the the reality. But I hear your point. I also support the rights of privately owned companies to do what they see fit.”
    Thanks – I think whatever we may agree or disagree on, sounds like we both support the right to freely say what we agree and disagree on! Unlike in many parts of the world today. We have much to be grateful for.

  6. You’re welcome, I appreciate you being open to input of other ideas and perspectives. I will endeavor to do the same!

  7. John and Jerry, I just want to thank you for this civil, respectful exchange here. It’s encouraging to see.
    I completely agree with you both that businesses like billboard companies and Chick-fil-A should be left alone to make decisions as they choose. We may not like them, but we too are free to take our business elsewhere, voting with our dollars.
    I would like to add something about what entered into the billboard company’s decision. Whatever you think of Rush Limbaugh as an entertainer, he does have a good track record of pointing out facts that the mainstream media overlook. The billboard read, “The most dangerous place to be for an African-American is in the womb.” which is a true statement.
    It was taken down over concerns about the safety of the people who work in the building, which may have been the best decision, but notice who threatened violence. The abortion and pro-choice people. These are bully tactics. It’s not good when bullies get their way by being bullies. Here’s the Rush transcript if you want to get his full take on it.

  8. Even though I am pro-choice, I don’t find the billboard particularly offensive (other than that extremely large billboards are by their nature offensive!). Again, it is that organization’s right to put this message up. Even though I may disagree, I value the freedom that if I wish I can equally put up a message with a different viewpoint.
    I guess I would have preferred a message that emphasized other choices, although obviously by depicting a child it could have arrested some women into rethinking any potential actions. I personally don’t see it as a bad thing to educate that there are other choices than abortion – which should always and absolutely being the option of final resort. I think even pro-choice people like myself recognize that this is never a good thing, but ultimately many think it is a women’s right (not the government’s) to decide (but preferably after she has had the best counseling and education on all the choices).
    As to violence, as with any matter that generates such heat, we do indeed see violence on both sides and from extremists, and of course doctors and others have been murdered for this cause.

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