Freedom of Food

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I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ryan Close about a Declaration of Health Freedom that he drafted.  He wrote the Declaration in response to new laws that are threatening the freedoms that Americans enjoy to make their own health decisions.

During the interview he pointed out that Codex Alimentarius (a collection of international  standards)
now threatens our freedom because it subjects our access to vitamin and herbal supplements to the decisions of unelected international bodies, thus mitigating the power of local government and self-government. By delegating authority to make laws the sovereignty of the United States is undermined. Furthermore, it is not clear whether there are conflicting interests controlling this secretive international commission.

Under the tradition of Common Law, upon which our nation’s legal system is based, anything not prohibited is permitted. This means that there are more things that are legal than illegal. Most things that people want to do or grow or eat should be lawful. Only a finite number of prohibited activities or products are illegal. This goes along with the principal of limited government that circumscribes the powers of government while leaving all remaining un-enumerated powers to either self-government or the authority of local governments.

Under Codex, only those foods on a finite list will be legal. All foods will be guilty until proven innocent.

Health freedom has been a concern of mine ever since 2009 when I wrote “An Historic Perspective on the Health Care Debate”. In that article I used the example of Germany under Hitler and America under Woodrow Wilson to show that when a government succumbs to the totalitarian temptation, one of the first impulses is to assert authority over the food and health of its subjects, thereby gaining control of their physical bodies.
The concerns I raised in 2009 are now becoming a reality. As Ryan mentioned during my interview with him, reports have been pouring in from all over America of armed raids from police to confiscate honey, milk and other products, in addition to banning a variety of perfectly harmless foods. Moreover, under recent health care legislation, Americans could soon be forced to buy commercial products aimed at keeping them healthy.
To learn more about this, read my interview with Ryan Close.

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