Einstein’s relativity predicts multiple and varied universes?

One group that isn't going along with John "end of science" Horgan's "immoral" rap about multiverse theorizing is the Templeton Foundation. A friend sends me this excerpt from a recent newsletter (which I can't currently find online):

Meanwhile, Cambridge University cosmologist and JTF Trustee John D. Barrow has just published the UK version of his new title, The Book of Universes. Barrow, a best-selling popular science author and the 2006 Templeton Prize winner, explores the underappreciated fact that Einstein's theory of relativity predicts the existence of multiple and varied universes. What might these universes be like? And what do the latest scientific findings tell us about our own universe? Barrow's Book gives readers a comprehensive overview of what we know, and what we may yet learn, about our universe, and beyond. The Book of Universes will be published in North America in March.

Um, "what we know, and what we may yet learn, about our universe, and beyond" is a pretty comprehensive overview. I'd have said ambitious rather than immoral. Is it possible that cutbacks to space programs from which one can actually find out things coincide with increasingly far out theorizing?

Denyse O'Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.

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