Modern Relationships Favor Men?

While searching for some news stories to post on the Salvo website, I came across a juicy one at Young adults' sexual relationships increasingly favor men, research finds. Here's a bit of it:

In their new book Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think About Marrying, (Oxford, 2011) researchers Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker detail the sexual attitudes, behaviors and experiences of Americans between the ages of 18 and 23. The research goes beyond the clichés about salaciousness within the largely white Greek system to provide a nuanced view of the experiences of a much wider swath of young adults.

"Hooking up gets all the attention but most sex occurs in relationships," says Regnerus.

In an era when marriage is often far from the minds of young Americans, the book provides a fuller understanding of why that is, how the place of sex in romantic relationships has shifted and what that means for young adults. The outlook for relationship security, he claims, is more grim than ever.

"There have been many changes in romantic and sexual behavior over the past 30 years," says Regnerus. "One is that the 'price of sex' among unmarried Americans has dipped to an all-time low."

Regnerus and Uecker describe the "price of sex" as the cost — to men — of romance, status, stability and commitment that men exchange for access to sex in a relationship. They argue that despite women's successes, contemporary relationships are becoming more male-centered than ever, with men gaining access to sex earlier and more often, yet providing fewer and later commitments than a generation ago.

Having not read the book, I can't comment on the conclusions of Mr. Regnerus (but coincidentally, in the next issue of Salvo, Marcia Segelstein does just that), however it is interesting to note that nobody can take a serious look at the present dating/romantic/hookup situation without noticing that nobody has it very good, except maybe for Mr. Highly-Evolved-Seed-Spreading-Hyper-Playa. But even in his case, he's not going to pass on any of his super-genes due to the cultural embrace of contraception and abortion. So much for evolution and equality. As I said, there will be more on this in the next issue of Salvo.

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