The Blips: SV14

There is nothing like reading a balanced, sensitive, and lengthy review of a recently released book or documentary. And the Salvo Blips are nothing like that either. But at least we're honest. And anyways, who couldn't use a little biased heads-up on what's going on out there? This is the Blips section from the last issue, now available online. Enjoy.

Intelligent Design Uncensored
By William? A. Dembski and Jonathan Witt
Why "uncensored"? Well, according to Dembski and Witt, neither the media nor the scientific establishment has accurately described the theory of intelligent design. Their book aims to change all that, and if given a fair read by enough people, it undoubtedly will. Most compelling is the authors' demonstration of how science is rarely as cold and objective as it's made out to be.

How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World
By Jordan Christy
If The Real Housewives of New Jersey is the problem, then this book is the antidote. With humor and style, Christy guides women out of the world of thong bikinis and lewd behavior, insisting that a little class is just what our society needs right now. Her book is an etiquette manual of sorts, explaining both how to behave and dress appropriately and why doing so matters.

Lord, Save Us from Your Followers
Dan Merchant is a culture-war denier, and the intent of his film is to convince you that issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and euthanasia are mere distractions from the central message of Christianity. You guessed it: Merchant believes that all we need is a little love. His film features interviews with Christian "celebrities" who for the most part share his viewpoint.


ALSO: New material from the Winter 2010 issue of Salvo coming soon!

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