Midterm Election Disrupts Utopian Vision

When Obama assumed office in 2008, experts declared that a new era of Democratic dominance was being ushered in. The atmosphere was Utopian, even Messianic.

In his acceptance speech in Chicago on November 5, 2008. Obama told the story of American history, from its inception to its growth into civic maturity in a “new dawn of American leadership” – a process that climaxes in his own utopian announcement: “Our union can be perfected.”

However, midway through his presidency voters have become disillusioned and are no longer inclined to believe Obama’s utopian promises.

This was the clear message sent by voters in last week's election. The republican victories disrupted the democratic majority in Congress and threaten to bring President Obama’s legislative agenda (and his utopian aspirations) to a standstill.

With democrats no longer having a stronghold in Congress, lawmakers may be able to force a repeal of President Obama’s precious healthcare overhaul. I dearly hope so, having earlier expressed a number of concerns about the totalitarian implications of nationalized health.

It is not surprising that voters were disillusioned with Obama. Not only has he established himself as the most liberal president in America’s history, but the federal deficit has increased by more than $3 trillion since he took office. In October last year I reported on the state of the National debt and explained why it should alarm every American. I regret to say that twelve months later the situation is almost indescribably worse. On 18 October, the Bureau of Public Debt drew our attention to the fact that the National Debt had hit an all time high of $13.665 trillion. Mark Knoller has pointed out that if present trends continue, then by Obama’s fourth year in office, the National Debt will have reached nearly $16.5-trillion, which is over 100% of the value of the nation’s economy.

Voters have also been upset at the unprecedented expansion of the US military empire which Obama has engineered – an expansion that threatens to undermine America’s economic stability and throw the country back into the Dark Ages.

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