Thanks Nature, But We’ll Take It From Here

Implied in evolutionary theory is the idea that once you are no longer fit, you will be selected against. So while the biologists are discussing how natural selection acting on random mutations will produce new species and evolution is good because it produces more fit species, the geneticists and the engineers are looking for ways to overpower Nature and take the reins of our own evolutionary advancement.

This is a quote from a thoughtful post by one-time Salvo writer Heather Zeiger over at the Discovery Institute blog. I myself have always found it a curious thing that once a species (humanity) evolves to the point of realizing that it has evolved, it then either attempts to take the reins from nature or it declares itself unfit for inclusion in nature altogether. Talk about not fitting in.

Check out the article if you get a chance. Nature: I used to love her, now I'll have to kill her. Good title, but now I'll have that GN'R song stuck in my head all day.

Ms. Zeiger's article for Salvo can be found here: Get with the Program: A Review of Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer.

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