ET: Salvation In the Stars


From Radio Silence by Regis Nicoll in the new issue of Salvo:

Consider this stirring appeal, which the chairman emeritus of the SETI Institute, Frank Drake, put on the institute’s website:

Ponder these questions for a moment: Would the discovery of an older cultural civilization out there inspire us to find new ways to survive our increasingly uncertain technological adolescence? Might it be the discovery of a distant civilization and our common cosmic origins that finally drives home the message of the bond among all humans? Might the revelation that we are not alone, but one species in a universe of possibilities, alter the course of human history forever?

The messianic hope is clear: If we could but find ET and tap into his vast warehouse of knowledge, we would escape our current trajectory of certain doom and join the brotherhood of being propagating throughout the universe from cosmic shore to cosmic shore. ET will save us from ourselves . . . if only we can find him.

I highly recommend reading the rest of this entertaining article about SETI: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. And, as you will no doubt notice, it is the inspiration for one of our fake ads (ESTI: Enterprise for Star Trek Ideology).

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