Decode: Conservative

One of my personal favorite departments in Salvo is Decode by Bobby Maddex. In issue 8 the word was CONSERVATIVE. Here is how it starts out:

History: The word “conservative,” as used to refer to a political stance, was coined by the French political theorist Chateaubriand around 1790. Chateaubriand’s academic journal, Le Conservateur, took its inspiration from the Anglo-Irish philosopher Edmund Burke, who believed that society should rarely be swayed by new ideas and promises of utopia because such ideas too often reflect the untested preferences of either a single individual or a single generation. . . . continue reading

The word in issue 13 is EDUCATION. The article is not available online yet, but the issue is available for purchase from our publisher. Other articles of note are:

Operation ID with Casey Luskin
Garbled Information: Meyer’s Critics Insist That Unintelligent Causes Can Produce Biological Complexity

Undercover with Alexander Jech
Idol Threat: Porn is Deadly for Girls Today

Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
Men’s Lib: Is a New Masculinity About to Catch On?

R & R with Bobby Maddex
Behind the Screens: What’s Hollywood Really Like? We Ask A-List Screenwriter Janet Batchler

Parting Shot with Herb London
Race to a Flop: Marking Time with Another Education Gimmick

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