Christopher Hitchens hardly needs an introduction; as a journalist, polemicist and “contrarian”, he appears to be a one-man road show in rusting armour, travelling the world to tilt at whatever windmills of folly provoke his wrath. Late in this often engaging, sometimes instructive and occasionally self-regarding memoir, he compiles “hate” and “love” lists: in the hate column he puts “dictatorship, religion, stupidity, demagogy, censorship, bullying and intimidation” while in the love column he has “literature, irony, humour, the individual, defence of free expression, friendship.” These lists sum up the passions and themes of this book.

This is a good review of Hitch-22: a memoir–the autobiography of Christopher Hitchens–by our friends over at Mercatornet. I saw a blip about this book in Time magazine which basically panned it, so that of course got me thinking that this is most likely an enlightening book. It is also interesting that his brother Peter Hitchens has taken such a different track. Here is a link to his new book: The Rage Against God.

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