Mad About Babies


What’s Sex Got to Do with It?
by Jennifer Fulwiler

Of all the things I remember about the Texas March for Life in Austin, Texas, last January [2009], the memory that stands out the most is the look on the faces of the counter-protesters who followed us along Congress Avenue and down to the capitol that frosty morning. When I glanced over to see the source of the epithets that were being screamed at us, I met the eyes of one young woman wearing a black bandana over the bottom half of her face. She happened to look over and meet my gaze, and in her eyes I saw one thing: hatred.

I was caught off guard when my gut response to her rage-filled glare was one of sympathy. In fact, I realized as she turned away to continue yelling angry pro-choice slogans that I knew the source of the rage behind her eyes and had even felt it recently.

Set-Up for Disaster

Until a couple of years ago, I was militantly pro-choice. When I heard people make anti-abortion statements, it filled me with a white-hot anger that I could barely contain. Behind my views was a buried but unspoken sense that there was something inherently unfair about being a woman, and abortion was a key to maintaining any semblance of a level playing field in the world.

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4 thoughts on “Mad About Babies

  1. i disagree with pretty much everything this author is saying. i think access to contraception empowers women. also, i think the life-giving potential of sex is not forgotten or ignored in any damaging way due to the fact that people can now better control when they get pregnant. yes, it’s true that no method of birth control other than abstinence has a 100% effectiveness rate, but there is also a lot to lose by refusing to have sex until you’re “ready” to have a baby. i know i’m still not ready for parenthood, but i also know that all the sex i have had with many different kinds of people has better prepared me to lead a compassionate and understanding existence towards others. i am very open with my own sexuality, and this has helped me better understand myself, which has in turn helped me understand others better. when i do finally have a child, i’ll feel emotionally ready to be a father, and i think that’s something a child deserves.
    the author’s breakdown of the two unmatched lists seems accurate, but i think it’s good we as a society have been able to separate the costs and benefits of having kids vs. those of being sexually active. what’s wrong with that? those decisions are, in reality, separate things. i don’t think women are at war with their own bodies, and i think abortion is a human right. why the author seems nostalgic for previous centuries, when women had way less freedom than they do now and were basically bought and sold as men’s property, is beyond me.

  2. One huge difference with the author of the article and greenzo’s comments is the idea that the author seems to believe that a pre-born human is indeed biologically a human and therefore entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under the law. You don’t have to be religious to understand that a human sperm and a human egg produces a human life form. If you don’t mind killing a developing human, that’s sad. I don’t think though, that anything this author says or argues is going to change your mind.
    Again, it seems a matter of convenience: abortion solves the solution when one’s contraception isn’t working. No one wants to be reminded that for every choice there is a sacrifice: when you have sex, even when you use contraception, you might get pregnant. So abortion is there in our society so our citizens can continue to use each other in relational consumerism and then kill their offspring.

  3. i agree that a pre-born human is biologically human. i believe that as long as a fetus is developing inside a woman, she has the right to terminate that pregnancy if she so desires. i would have a problem if a baby was killed post-birth.
    regardless, legal abortion assures women can control their reproductive health safely.
    “relational consumerism” is an inaccurate way to talk about all the pre-marital sexual relationships i’ve had.

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