SIECUS and Sex-Ed Subterfuge

A new study concludes that abstinence-only sex-education actually works, reducing sexual activity among teens by a third. Yesterday, the Washington Post quoted John Jemmott, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who headed the study, "I think we've written off abstinence-only education
without looking closely at the nature of the evidence. Our study shows this could be one approach that could be used.”

Why has abstinence education been so vehemently opposed, and where exactly
did comprehensive sex-ed come from in the first place? The answer to that
question goes back to the 1960’s when a junk sex scientist, an abortionist, and
a publisher of pornography took it upon themselves to teach children about

In 1964, the trio of Wardell Pomeroy, collaborator with Alfred
Kinsey on Kinsey’s two seminal (but discredited) volumes on sexual behavior, Mary
Calderone, medical director of Planned Parenthood, and The Playboy foundation,
headed by Hugh Heffner, founded SIECUS, the Sexuality Information and Education
Council of the United States.

Last summer, Salvo 9 reported on the sex-ed subterfuge carried
out by SIECUS. Read more here. Click here to see the fake ad from Salvo 9.

3 thoughts on “SIECUS and Sex-Ed Subterfuge

  1. I wonder if this is only a socio-economic or cultural trend, or if there might be a biological component?
    I know reported birthrates for have been rising for females relative to males. I wonder if the census will reflect this; or is it politicized for or against this?
    Here comes the scienceanecdote: In all our child’s circles; church, playgroups, family, etc., the girls outnumber the boys noticeably. Other parents often offer the same observation.
    Is it numerous endocrine disruptors planting an epigenetic timebomb?

  2. that, when I mention such to my cealolgues who have teenagers, they are appalled and I have one who has a 15 year old dating a 19 year old and she is adamant that her daughter not take birth control pills cause too young, she refused to have her vaccinated for the papillovirus (free in Italy where I live), and as for providing condoms in her book it’s encouraging sex. I know when my son will come of age (he’s almost 9 and just experienced his first crush), I will be the one doing the talking and buying the condoms etc etc cause my son is more comfortable talking with me than with his dad (it may change in the years to come, but now that’s how it is). I have a cousin who is HIV+ that he got having unsafe sex he’s doing well on antivirals, but during his moments of I don’t care what happens to me it did. I don’t know about when is the appropriate age to have sex in our home, but some Italian parents are coming around to your way of thought, better in my home than who knows where (here in Italy cars in deserted parking lots or woods are a la mode ).

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