Embryonic Stem Cell Research: More Heat than Light

California's Proposition 71 Failure

Bioethics: Five years after a budget-busting $3 billion was allocated to embryonic stem cell research, there have been no cures, no therapies and little progress. So supporters are embracing research they once opposed.

California's Proposition 71 was intended to create a $3 billion West Coast counterpart to the National Institutes of Health, empowered to go where the NIH could not — either because of federal policy or funding restraints on biomedical research centered on human embryonic stem cells.

Supporters of the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative, passed in 2004, held out hopes of imminent medical miracles that were being held up only by President Bush's policy of not allowing federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) beyond existing stem cell lines and which involved the destruction of embryos created for that purpose.

Five years later, ESCR has failed to deliver and backers of Prop 71 are admitting failure. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the state agency created to, as some have put it, restore science to its rightful place, is diverting funds from ESCR to research that has produced actual therapies and treatments: adult stem cell research. It not only has treated real people with real results; it also does not come with the moral baggage ESCR does.


2 thoughts on “Embryonic Stem Cell Research: More Heat than Light

  1. FINALLY!!! the light dawns!!!
    Think of the Superman epic…where the Kents see the little boy they find starting to lift cars…Little Clark Kent (just starting to flex his muscles) is like the ADULT STEM CELLS of today..a couple of beginning signs of STRENGTH!!!
    .Just wait till New Adult Stem Cell Tech grows up…and FURTHER revolutionizes health care – without killing anyone!

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