Bishop Blasts Monks Making Buckfast

Bishop Blasts Monks Making Buckfast

At first I thought I had linked to the Onion, but this is sad but true. Buckfast, brewed by Benedictine monks, is allegedly ravaging Scotland. It’s called Scotland’s scourge, (also known as “bottle of beat the wife”) and the monks of Devon’s Buckfast Abbey have been criticized by a bishop of the Scottish Episcopal Church for producing the product even when they know its effects: A BBC investigation

reveals that the drink, known colloquially as Buckie, has been mentioned in 5,000 crime reports by Strathclyde Police in the past three years. Almost one in ten of those crimes was violent, according to figures obtained by the BBC under freedom of information legislation. During that period the Buckfast bottle was used as a weapon 114 times and police said the figures suggested there is an association between Buckfast and violence.

Buckfast is 15 percent alcohol, but also has all the caffeine you’d imbibe from drinking 8 cans of cola.

But the problem lies deeper, doesn’t it? If not Buckfast, then something else? On my last visit to Scotland, 2003, within first few hours of landing I arrived in my mother’s hometown. I was approached on the street that afternoon by a young Scot, who asked me if I could please tell him what day it was. He’d started drinking on Friday, he said, (this was Sunday) and he had no idea what day it was. He couldn’t have been older than 19. Remembering some of the other town youths roaming about that weekend, I can believe the police report above. This is not the Scotland that invented the modern world, is it? Or is this the modern world they invented? We need some monks to bring us out of the Dark Ages again.

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