Three new Uncommon Descent contests: Lots of fun for physics buffs

Win a free Privileged Planet DVD, courtesy the producers, for the best post answering any of the following questions:

Uncommon Descent Contest Question 13: The Large Hadron Collider is back up and running, but why?

Nine billion dollars and 15 years later, what is the Large Hadron Collider likely to tell us that is worth the cost and trouble?

Uncommon Descent Contest Question 14: Is backwards or forwards time travel really possible?

Two physicists have suggested that Hadron's woes are due to particles travelling back in time. Their theory has been received with the amusement one might expect, but it raises an interesting question, one that is a staple of sci-fi literature – is forward or backward time travel possible, even for particles?

Uncommon Descent Contest Question 15: Can Darwinism – or any evolution theory – help us predict life on other planets?

At Britain's Telegraph (November 04, 2009), Tom Chivers advises that "Darwinian evolutionary theory will help find alien life, says Nasa scientist."

Here are the contest rules, not many. Winners receive a certificate verifying their win as well as the prize. Winners must provide me with a valid postal address, though it need not be theirs. A winner's name is never added to a mailing list. Have fun!

Enter as many as you like.

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Denyse O'Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.

One thought on “Three new Uncommon Descent contests: Lots of fun for physics buffs

  1. Saw a few good responses to the quizzes.
    Seems like physicists, mathematicians, and metaphysicians are all searching for eminence in unity, or singularity. This error is borne out in mathematics as in metaphysics. In mathematics, singularity contains ‘caustics’ and result in ‘degeneration’ of manifolds in algebraic geometry. It is the root of the failures in the LHC as well.
    Jung never resolved his individuation in a positive way either.
    Neuroscientists are similarly unlikely to find the ‘God spot’ in the brain, or anywhere else in the material flesh. The god spot is embodied everywhere in human tissue, as evidenced by a single dendrite branched into two, and so on. It is a trinitarian, not unitarian model.

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