Life (or not) According to “The Big Bang Theory”

What is the meaning of life? If you watch “The Big Bang
Theory” you could be forgiven for concluding that the meaning of life is sex.
Take Howard Wolowitz, the skirt-chasing, 27 year-old Jewish engineer who lives
with his overbearing mother. Wolowitz once tried to use the Internet, military
satellites, and robot aircraft to find a house full of gorgeous young models “so
I could drop in on them unexpected.” On another episode, he told his physicist friend,
Sheldon Cooper, “I’d kill my Rabbi with a pork chop to be with your sister.”

Hardly a word comes out of Howard’s mouth that doesn’t have
to do with getting a woman – any woman – to “be with” him. The overgrown
adolescent doesn’t know how to carry on a conversation with a woman as a fellow
human being. To him they’re not people; they’re walking appliances.

It’s sad, really. Wolowitz embodies what Dale Kuehne laments
in Sex and the iWorld. When all relationships are sexualized, a person doesn’t know how to have a non-sexual relationship, which means he really doesn’t know how to have a relationship at all.

It’s not that sex is bad; in the right relational context,
it’s good. But a hyper-sexualized life is ultimately lonely, frustrated, and
unsatisfied with all its relationships. Perhaps that’s too common-sensical for
a Hollywood rocket scientist to grasp.

2 thoughts on “Life (or not) According to “The Big Bang Theory”

  1. …I was single a long time…my friends & I knew guys like this…
    We knew some males a bit older than the TV character above…They (nearing middle age) were trying to transition to a long-term relationship with a woman…but lots of these men were CLUELESS!!!
    They didn’t know how to TALK to a woman. (i.e. as if she were a fellow human, not an item to score off of that evening)
    Sad, sad, sad.
    Most likely, some other man will raise most of their children…!

  2. knock! knock! knock! penny!!My fave is when Penny got addicted to an oinnle game and when sheldon couldn’t keep Penny’s secret and when Penny hurt Walowitz feelings. I need to get copies of season 1 again!! I love love love love love this show! :) so much hilarious that HIMYM… but the latter is so much relatable.And isn’t it kilig on the last part of season 2 when Penny made amin to herself how she doens’t want leonard to go??I can’t wait myself for season 3! :)

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