Coffee!! I am now an Examiner columnist … ?

 Go here for my first column (“Some claim that Satan is a great motivator, just like God”). Sure, especially if you think you could save money by having hellfire heat your house.

and here for my second, (“Faked embryos back at PBS”, December 29, 2009.)

No, really.

The fudged embryos are back. As a “learning tool,” in total ignorance of the development hourglass. The “hourglass” just means that embryos look different when very young, similar later, and different again when older. That says nothing about common descent, one way or the other (that is just the trouble, right?)

Embryos, like cakes, dresses, and renovations, look different at different stages.

I think common descent is probably true in most cases, but we cannot necessarily use embryos to prove it.

I wonder how long this Examiner thing will last? I registered at Beliefnet on the advice of a friend, but they deleted my profile. And my query about the matter has received no response.

Shrug. I like Examiner better anyway.

Anyway, read it there while you can.

Denyse O'Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.

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