Dog Food

Climate change: Time to eat Fido?
A startling new book claims that pet dogs are more harmful to the environment than SUVs—should we listen?

Dogs cause more damage to our planet than SUVs, according to a controversial new book, Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living. The environmental footprint of an average “resource-guzzling” hound is twice that of a typical sport utility vehicle, say New Zealander researchers Robert and Brenda Vale, who note that a surprising amount of land is required to produce Fido’s meals each year (roughly 2 acres). The book has caused a ruckus by saying people should go pet-free—and even consider eating strays. Have environmentalists gone too far?

So are these sorts of environmentalists now one step closer to eating themselves?

One thought on “Dog Food

  1. Oh, this will be interesting…
    PETA vs. the Environmentalists.
    Two organizations enter, only one leaves.

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