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In Great Britain, the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice have embarked on a 12-week consultation to determine whether abortion facilities should be allowed to advertise on television. The consultation is an attempt to respond to the British government’s resolution to combat rising teenage pregnancy, and the committees are considering approval of both pro-choice and pro-life ads. If approved, only the pro-life clinics will be required to spell out their convictions, as well as the possible medical complications of delaying one’s decision to abort; abortion facilities will not have to address the possible complications that attend aborting a child. Many are upset—and understandably so—that the advertisements are even being considered. Dr. Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Fellowship, for example, has stated that “the problem is that the Government strategy on teenage pregnancy, based on condoms, the morning-after pill and abortion, has failed. Allowing the advertising of abortion services is not dealing with the problem.” Conversely, the Brook Advisory Centres, which offer abortion advice, has argued that the move would be a step forward for sexual health. The new code would also relax the rules for condom advertisements, prohibiting their broadcast only during programs intended for children 10 and younger.

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4 thoughts on “Abortion Advertising

  1. Abortions don’t combat teen pregnancy. The pregnancy still occurs; it just ends prematurely–terminated instead of borne to its full fruition of birth.
    To stop teen pregnancy, teens need to not have sex. It’s really not a complicated process: insert penis, baby made.
    ~A College Student Who Was a Teen for Most of His Life So Far

  2. Are these the same Brits whose ancestors were such great strategists in past wars? Lame lame lame…
    Am trying to think of the end result (and the difference in long-term damage to the girl & her child) between the pro abortion government position noted above and that of a pimp….Can’t think of much…
    Does anyone notice? If we hadn’t been told (in so many smooth ways) that women/girls are “empowered? by this “right to choose” we would think that womens’ girls’ status has been significant DOWNGRADED!!!

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