Love Minus


There is a new simulation dating game called “Love Plus” available on the Nintendo DS. I see how this sort of thing could be addicting . . . after you come to terms with the fact that you are sim dating of course. Here is an interview with a man who got hooked on the game. My Husband Has a Virtual Girlfriend

Q: Koh, what do you and Rinko do together?

Koh: OK, this is pretty embarrassing. The DS has a mic and a touchscreen, so… one time, she asked me to say “I love you” a hundred times into the mic. I was on the airplane when she asked me that, so I was like, no way. There was also this part where you have to hold her hand on the touchscreen. If you touch her hand with the stylus, you get to hold her hand. And then there’s the part where you have to kiss her.

Q: Did you do it?

Koh: No, no! The girl’s face shows up on the screen, and you have to touch her lips to give her a kiss. That’s pretty weird…. this is embarrassing. I’m sweating right now just talking about it.

Yurie: Ew. Do people really do that?

Koh: I guess some people do.

Anyone read the post I linked to the other day about modern isolation and loneliness? File this one under T for Twilight Zone.

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