Happy Humpty

all the King's horses "made Humpty happy again"

A version used on the CBeebies channel was altered so rather than "couldn't put Humpty together again" all the King's horses "made Humpty happy again".

The broadcaster said the change was made purely for creative reasons rather than trying to give a soft version of the rhyme for children.

A spokeswoman said: "We play nursery rhymes with their original lyrics all the time and the small change to Humpty Dumpty was done for no other reason than being creative and entertaining."

Artistic differences aside, all the great old children's stories involve danger and pain and overcoming hardships. Quite a contrast to our day. I wonder how they would handle Hansel and Gretel or even "London Bridge is Falling Down".

2 thoughts on “Happy Humpty

  1. These funny little rhymes are more fun as they stand.
    Why do the “white bread” editing to them?

  2. Weren’t some of the rhymes a safer way to speak politically—during a time when speech was not free?
    If so—it’s time for new rhymes to be added! the US has a new law which might be bent any way a judge with no moral core wants to bend it…we might need to speak in parables, double talk, rhymes to say a respectful disagreement!

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