Salvo Issue 10 (autumn 2009)

I would rather have the man who devotes a short story to saying that he can solve the problem of a murder in Margate than the man who devotes a whole book to saying that he cannot solve the problem of things in general. (G. K. Chesterton, Daily News, March 23, 1907)

It is rather rare in contemporary poetry to find a poet actually enjoying anything. We are presently left to enjoy pessimistic poetry; which began at its best by describing pain; and has now descended to describing irritation. (G. K. Chesterton, New York American, Jan. 16, 1932)

. . .

The new goal of the hero is to develop the coping skills that will allow him to survive in whatever narcissistic way works. There’s just nothing there for the audience to care about. A narcissist just trying to cope is not compelling. (Barbara Nicolosi, Salvo, Autumn 2009)

What Chesterton was bemoaning in the storytelling of his day could arguably be even more applicable to that of today. In the new issue of Salvo, senior editor Bobby Maddex sits down with screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi to talk about just how far storytelling hasn’t come by taking a close look at contemporary superhero movies. Read the interview here: Character Assassination: Hollywood Kills off the Movie Hero. *Chesterton quotes gleaned from Gilbert Magazine.

More from the new issue of Salvo (mail date September 15th):

Salvo 10 Autumn 2009


Roe v. Women
Pro “Choice” Clearly Harms Those It Claims to Help
by Terrell Clemmons

If the fallout from abortion is so devastating, why are there so many happening, well over a million per year just in America? Dr. Reardon says abortion is not nearly as freely chosen as the rhetoric of choice implies and that a majority of aborting women have been pressured or even forced by someone else to abort. “It is common knowledge that abortion often suits lovers and parents more than pregnant women themselves.”

Hazmats with Judith Reisman
Picture Poison: Viewing Pornography for a Living Can Be Deadly

Undercover with Hunter Baker
Facts Evasion: When It Comes to Sex, the Left Hates Science


Cooler Heads
A Closer Look at All the Factors & Views on Global Warming
by Regis Nicoll

Photos of polar bear cubs clinging to drifting ice portend the looming global meltdown, with an all-star chorus sounding the alarm. However, missing from that “all-but-unanimous” cohort are over 31,400 climatologists, meteorologists, and other scientists.

Operation ID with Casey Luskin
The Big Ida: The Rise & Fall of Another Missing Link & Other Media Hype

Deprogram with Denyse O’Leary
Dr. Moebius, I Presume? From the Oracle of Theoretical Physics: There Is Only One Side to a Science Story


Party Schools
David Horowitz Zeros In on the Indoctrination of Students by Ideologues
by Marcia Segelstein

One required text in this course is called Dead Heat: Globalization and Global Warming. Despite the fact that there is genuine scientific disagreement over the causes, severity, and consequences of global warming, the authors have no use for debate and no tolerance of dissent. “The skeptics can go to hell,” they write, “and we’re basically going to ignore them.” That attitude sums up much of what Horowitz and Laksin found in their survey of college offerings from coast to coast. To an alarming extent, students are, in effect, asked to check their skepticism at the classroom door.

Foreign Intel with Michael Cook
Quieter Streets: The Iranian Population Revolution

R & R with Barbara Nicolosi
Character Assassination: Hollywood Kills Off the Movie Hero

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