Hunter Baker on EWTN

Salvo contributing editor Hunter Baker is going to be on EWTN radio this afternoon (Thursday, September 3rd). If you’re in one of their many markets, listen in about his new book, The End of Secularism.

Here is how he describes the book. The text below is lifted from the American Spectator blog.

My new book, The End of Secularism, came out a few days ago. I doubt it would have been written had Wlady Pleszczynski not reached out to a young writer several years ago and given him a chance.

The book is a hard critique of secularism (defined as public life without God). In it, I demonstrate that secularism is not neutral, doesn’t solve the problem of religious difference, and is not some kind of super rational public philosophy to trump all the rest. Along the way, I examine the politico-religious history of the west, the American founding, the so-called “war” between religion and science, and an underreported story of church-state mixing in Alabama I first wrote about for this web site in 2003. The Alabama story shows that secularists aren’t principled. They applaud religious political action from the left and condemn it from the right.

If you have ever tired of hearing men like Robert Reich, Garry Wills, or the New Atheists act as though Christians pose some kind of existential threat to freedom, this is the book for you.

Check it out. Also, look for a new article by Hunter Baker in our next issue of Salvo. I’ll have more to say on the new issue soon (it’s scheduled to mail September 15th). The table of contents can be found here.

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