Choosing Sides

Animals That Favor One Side More Successful

Animals, including humans, which process information using a preferred hemisphere of the brain — left or right — fare better than individuals who always use both sides of their brain simultaneously, according to a new study.

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The findings also help to explain many prior surprising observations, such as why you should avoid approaching your boss, or any dominant primate, from the left-hand side.

Co-author Culum Brown explained to Discovery News that in primates, "if a subordinate approaches a dominant individual from the left-hand side, it is more likely to be aggressively attacked because aggression and fear are primarily processed by the left hemisphere."


Fascinating research. Although, I had to reread the part about not approaching dominant primates from the left-hand side. I remember learning in grade school that the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body. So wouldn't that mean that I should approach dominant primates from the left-hand side? Unless, of course, they meant my left-hand side.

I'm afraid I'm not even sure which side of my subordinate head to aggressively scratch. I guess the left.

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