Who Should Really be Apologizing For the Murder of George Tiller

Yesterday morning, George Tiller was shot in the
lobby at the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita Kansas, where he was serving
as an usher. The 51-year-old killer, Scott Roeder, targeted Dr. Tiller because
of his long career performing late-term abortions.

As with the pro-life killings of 1998, the media is
milking this incident for all it’s worth, laying the blame at the door of the
pro-life movement. Some journalists and bloggers have even implicated the entire
Christian community for the violence, using phrases such as ‘Christian
terrorism’ to describe what occurred.

This finger-pointing was not without effect. Almost
immediately the pro-life community went on the defensive, coming out in droves
to denounce Tiller’s murder. This morning, leaders of the anti-abortion movement
gathered in front of the Supreme Court to publically condemn the violence and to
disassociate themselves from Scott Roeder.

Although the murder was clearly incompatible with
Christian witness, the defensive posture on the part of the pro-life lobby has
been unfortunate. The murder of George Tiller was a tragic missed opportunity
for anti-abortion activists to go on the offensive and point out that if anyone
ought to be apologizing, it should be the pro-choice community.

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