I Knew It!

by Kate Bluett

I just knew it!  I’ve know for years that Paisley was evil.  Tacky, hideous, and absent from anything in my closet except one of my husband’s ties (and the day will come, I promise when that tie will meet an "unfortunate" and fiery death).  Paisley is, to my mind, one of the uglist things on the planet.

Well, now it’s confirmed.  Paisley is the work of Satan, and not to be worn by those desiring salvation.

Good to know I was right.

Bad to know people come up with this stuff.

Hat Tip: Mark Shea

3 thoughts on “I Knew It!

  1. One of the first books my dear wife bought me, not because I needed it but because I had expressed the sentiment, was Paisly Goes With Nothing.
    It provided us hours of laughter. Thus was I preserved by grace. *grin*

  2. Agreed, but with one exception:
    I like to use paisley prints in my patchwork quilts. A small bit goes a long way; but as long as you’ve got plenty of other kinds of prints, paisley works quite well. Ask Theresa to show you the quilt I made her, I know there’s some paisley in there somewhere.

  3. I have seen that quilt, Melanie, and it is beautiful!
    I don’t mind other people wearing paisley, or using it, I just prefer to keep my own body paisley-free.

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